The Vamp Look - Beautiful Vampire Style

It is believed that the phrase “the vamp” was invented by William Fox, one of the founders of the famous studio Fox, for the actress Theda Bara. In the early twentieth century, a lot of her movies enjoyed wide popularity. Unfortunately, only four of her films have survived. In all of the films, Theda Bara played seductive, passionate, and treacherous beauties who were afraid of nothing, were bold, and took whatever they wanted. This was something completely new, and the audience enthusiastically took to her movies.

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How to Do Vampire Makeup

Here we will discuss how to master the beautiful and eccentric vamp look.

The first step is to clean and moisturize the skin. Your skin will thank you later because the vamp look requires an abundance of makeup. After caring procedures, mask any flaws and apply foundation. Choose the lightest shades of foundation because the vamp is unusually pale, which makes her large eyes and sensual, vibrant lips even more noticeable.

Your eyebrows should look natural but well-groomed. Be sure to choose an eyebrow pencil that’s a little darker than your hair color.

Next, apply dark eye shadow and wings with black eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelids. Two or three coats of mascara for long, thick lashes and the look becomes deep and mysterious. Cleopatra and Carmen (the main character of the opera "Carmen") had this look. It can be used to seduce or to kill, to bestow hope, or to deprive it. This look can turn the whole world upside down.

Make-up Vamp Style

Vamp Makeup: Beautiful Vampire Style - The vamp look is one of the few styles where the focus is on both the eyes and the lips at the same time. As for the lips, use bright red or dark cherry lipstick (this is the color that almost looked black in black-and-white films) and the corresponding lip pencil. The lips and the eyes are the visual centers for this look, so they have to equally stand out on the pale face, giving the impression of something fatal, mysterious, and mystical. Some unsolvable mystery seems to be concealed in the eyes and lips. The vamp look is a dream, a hallucination… an unattainable goal. You can take possession over her body, but her soul is almost impossible to take over...

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After mastering the makeup for the vamp look, you will have a desire to repeat it again and again. Perhaps there is also some mystery. But we are not going to solve it.

Some secrets should remain unsolved.

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