Makeup According to the Eastern (Chinese) Calendar

The fashion world is developing in a circle. The things that were urgent yesterday are obsolete and ridiculous today, and tomorrow they will likely be back on the crest of a wave. It’s no wonder they say that new is just the well forgotten old. Many fashion trends are not that new because every now and then we are sent back to the rebellious 60s, the glamorous 70s, and the bold 80s. And sometimes the fashion is far into the past, into other historical periods.

Do you wonder in what direction the art of makeup will develop? What will makeup artists offer in one, two, or even five years? Plunge into the atmosphere of the past hidden by a transparent veil and mysterious haze and see the magical attractiveness contemporaries do.

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Look into the future make-up for East Asian horoscope Look into the future make-up for East Asian horoscope
Makeup by years: 12 Oriental calendar animals Makeup by years: 12 Oriental calendar animals

Let’s consider makeup related to the Chinese (Eastern) lunar calendar. Where else but in the East are people able to follow the changes taking place around them with wise tranquility!

A Few Words on the Chinese Lunar Calendar

Legend has it that one day Buddha invited the animals to his birthday. However, only twelve of the invited animals came. The weather was too bad, and the river, which they had to overcome, was too deep. First came the Rat, cleverly staged on the back of an Ox. The Ox was second, and the third was the tiger, both of whom are considered hostile rivals. They were followed by the Cat, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog, and, finally, the Pig (Boar). These twelve guests received an award from the Buddha: from now on each one of them had one year dedicated to them.

A year in the Chinese calendar not only relates to the animal but also to a certain element. There are five elements: earth, wind, fire, metal, and water. Each element has the characteristics of Yin and Yang and therefore lasts for two years. The elements have a corresponding color as well. Earth - brown, wind - green, fire - red, metal - white (gold), water - blue (black). Taking into account all characteristics, the cycle is repeated every 10, 12, and 60 years.

What if trendy makeup is also cyclical?

Do You Believe in Horoscopes?

"Of course not," is what you’d probably say, and I’d pretend that I don’t believe in them either. But then who keeps reading all of those horoscopes on their way to work? People want to look to the future, to build things in a certain order, to keep everything under control - and this is an absolutely normal desire. Like it or not, Eastern horoscopes are a useful thing!

Applying Makeup Properly

So you've decided to wear makeup according to the Chinese calendar. What should you pay attention to at first?

Note that the Chinese New Year falls on the end of January during cold, long, dark, wintry nights. The best way to cheer things up is to create a festive makeup look. Carefully emphasize your advantages, add some special effects, and the New Year is sure to be in your favor!

Don’t forget about the legendary 12 Eastern calendar animals:

The Rat prefers a gray, low-key, laconic tone. Makeup of the Year of the Rat

Makeup 2008Makeup 2020Makeup 2032

The Ox prefers natural colors reminiscent of a warm summer. Makeup of the Year of the Ox

Makeup 2009Makeup 2021Makeup 2033

The Tiger prefers something orange and black with stripes. Makeup of the Year of the Tiger

Makeup 2010Makeup 2022Makeup 2034

The Cat (Rabbit) is a modest but charming creature and does not tolerate bright colors. Makeup of the Year of the Rabbit

Makeup 2011Makeup 2023Makeup 2035

The Dragon, on the contrary, is a fan of bright colors. Makeup of the Year of the Dragon

Makeup 2012Makeup 2024Makeup 2036

The Snake loves black and green as well as brilliant "snake" prints. Makeup of the Year of the Snake

Makeup 2013Makeup 2025Makeup 2037

The Horse appreciates natural tones. Makeup of the Year of the Horse

Makeup 2002Makeup 2014Makeup 2026

The Goat differs by its rare obstinacy and does not like the ultra-fashionable trends of the season. But greens are a welcomed gift. Makeup of the Year of the Goat

Makeup 2003Makeup 2015Makeup 2027

The Monkey has a good character, so it's not hard to please. Makeup of the Year of the Monkey

Makeup 2004Makeup 2016Makeup 2028

The Rooster is always happy to disband its feathers in front of a beautiful girl. Makeup of the Year of the Rooster

Makeup 2005Makeup 2017Makeup 2029

★ The purposeful, active Dog makes every effort to achieve its goals. Makeup of the Year of the Dog

Makeup 2006Make-up 2018 trendsMakeup 2030

★ And finally, the Pig, whose motto is "stability and progress". Do not chase the present fashion trends, and the Pig will be happy! Makeup of the Year of the Pig

Makeup 2007Make-up 2019 trendsMakeup 2031

Many people have the misconception that Chinese makeup horoscopes are something exotic and intricate, but this is not so. You can capture the beauty of each year.

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